Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to be commissioned to design and illustrate the new novel from M Jonathan Lee.
I'm really pleased with the resulting design and think it sits well on the shelves amongst it's competitors.
The road to arriving at this final look was an interesting one. Not least in that it was much shorter timescale than I would normally like, as this job came with a pressing deadline. Sometimes that kind of pressure can lead to a panicky creative block but fortunately in this case it helped me focus.
I'm including some of the early ideas that show how the concept was developed with the very helpful input and incisive feedback from Jonathan himself.

From the outset it was suggested that there might be a person in a window staring out after a bleak snowy downfall, so I felt this was a strong motif to experiment with. As you can see the figure featured in all of these early proofs. But it was this following, more graphic, layout that caught the authors eyer and eventually got pared down and led to the final cover design.

Too many houses and too much colour resulted in taking out all but the main two homes and the blank expanse then worked much better.

This design, above, became the 'almost' final chosen design until, we realised that a bleaker, colder blue tone to the snowy landscape would echo the mood of the story better.

So this, below, is the actual printed cover along with a detail and a selection of the marketing material produced to promote the book. Postcards, notecards, drip mats and tea bags. Pour yourself a cuppa and sit back and enjoy!

Please remember that all these images are strictly copyright. ©

Get a copy of the book ...

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Thursday, March 01, 2018

The Tour de Yorkshire is threading it's colourful circus our way again in May this year. And since it comes not only through South Yorkshire but actually through my home town of Barnsley, I thought I'd like to celebrate and commemorate the occasion with a special design. This new artwork is now available on a range of T shirts, bags and mugs.
If you'd like to see the full collection of gifts and apparel, please click on the pictures below, or go directly to my Tour de Yorkshire Zazzle shop.
TOP TIP... don't be too hasty ordering, watch out for HUGE discount offers each day and grab yourself a bargain.

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Monday, February 26, 2018

Some of my more exciting commissions require me to eat lots of chocolate in order to capture the absolute 'chocolatey essence' of a new product. Then there are the times I have to drink cider, stout, wine and whiskey whilst designing new labels. And of course there are the less than 'sexy' projects featuring 'below the line' products such as pregnancy testing kits, brass valve widgets and INCONTINENCE PADS!
If you ever wondered who it is that makes these essential household items look so ravishing - then look no further.
This is not my first venture into sanitary product illustration and I approach ALL my jobs with the same commitment and professionalism, and I can say that I am truly pleased with the result of this recent job for Frank Brands.
Please remember that all images on this blog are strictly copyriight ©


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Friday, February 16, 2018

Late last year I put the final touches to a logo design, branding and pack artwork for a new range of crisps.

Lister's crisps are produced on the family run farm growing their own potatoes in Yorkshire. The foil packs have recently been printed so watch out for them appearing shortly.
Please click on an image to enlarge but remember they are strictly copyright. ©
image of cheese and onion crisp packet

image of 4 Lister's Crisps brand new packet

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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Although I've been busy with other work - a couple of game boxes, book cover design and some product illustration - I've also been determined to design and present my own range of Valentines cards and gifts.
They are all now available on my

Some of these designs were commissioned as Smart Phone wallpapers some years ago but haven't been gathered together like this before.
I've worked to create just a small select range of quality products, here's just a few, hope you like them.

To celebrate and promote this hearts range of Valentines designs I've also decided to GIVE AWAY FREE 53 mini heart images suitable for texting, Tweeting, Instagramming, Snapchat and Face Book etc.
Why not send a 24 carat gold heart or sweet Love Heart to YOUR current candy crush!!
Lots of different messages, polite and rude! to cater for all tastes and all occasions.

These 53 free heart text images are strictly for non-commercial uses ©

These 53 free heart text images are strictly for non-commercial uses ©

These 53 free heart text images are strictly for non-commercial uses ©

Did I mention that these 53 free heart text images are strictly for non-commercial uses ©

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

I've just completed the design of a brand new range of birthday cards, party invites, birthday-age badges, gift bags and giftwrap and other cool party ware. These all feature my Lil' Ladybug character on a colourful custom range of goodies - all available to customise and order online on my HOT FROG ZAZZLE SHOP.
Each birthday age group is already designed and pre-prepared, from 2 to 9 yrs old in colourful ranges for both boys and girls.It's so easy to change the name and order online.
TOP TIP - watch out for huge discount codes from time to time and grab yourself a bargain.

My Lil' Ladybug character has had an interesting career to date. Commissioned for children's seed packs and also appearing on clothing, posters and other wall art. I'm currently planning some short stories to accompany the illustrations.
For anyone planning a ladybug / ladybird themed birthday party you might like some FREE party games, magic tricks and other ideas.
Download them for FREE right now over on my HOT FROG RESOURCES BLOG.

 Please remember that all images are strictly copyright. ©

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

You may have noticed from various recent posts that I've opened an online Zazzle shop selling quality giftware featuring my artwork and designs. A few weeks ago I came across this PreRaphaelite stained glass window illustration that was originally commissioned in 1982 as a charity card.
I still really like this piece and thought it deserved a second life. After scanning in the original which was illustrated about A3 size, I realised that it needed a bit of tidying up so it has been 'digitally re-mastered'. The design is now on sale worldwide and I'm even thinking of using it as our own Christmas card design this year. It feels rather strange re-visiting this artwork after all this time and as I worked on the tidying up it brought back vague memories of when I originally created it.

This detail shows the before and after versions of the artwork. The extra Photoshopping was all done by hand using a Wacom styles and various pastel and water colour brushes.
Please remember that all the images featured on this blog are strictly copyright. ©

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Thursday, November 02, 2017

If you happen to be in A Toby Tavern over the next few weeks and need distraction for the kids .. here's a double sided entertaining activity sheet I recently designed and illustrated. Commissioned by The Allotment Agency it's around the 7th or 8th time I've produced these fun jobs.
There really are all 26 letters of the alphabet used for objects on the front illustration. Can you find them all? And even if you click on the images to supersize them I wonder if you can find the cheeky mouse as well??
Please remember that these images are all strictly copyright ©

Image of illustration for Toby Tavern children's activity sheet

Can YOU find the cheeky mouse?

Image of illustration for Toby Tavern children's activity sheet

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

No prizes for guessing who I did this small job for recently. I was tasked by Forrest Pruzan in Seattle to take their raw 3d scan artwork and 'juicify' the shiny sheen on these plastic game ears. So keep an eye out for it appearing on the shelves in a toystore near you!

Illustration of plastic Mickey Mouse ears for game
Please remember that all images on here are strictly copyright. ©

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